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Best Vegas Buffets

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Best Las Vegas Strip Buffets

Best Overall: Wynn

Best Fri/Sat Dinner: Bellagio

Best Brunch: Bally's Sterling Brunch

Best Low Price Point: Gold Coast

Best All Day Buffet Deal:  Caesars (Harrah's) 7 Hotel Group

Wynn is our top choice due to small and frequently changed servings that keep food warmer and fresher plus a good selection of quality items such as king (not the more common snow) crab. Desserts are good with more sugar free than many buffets.

Bellagio is slightly favored for Friday and Saturday dinners where greater variety lifts Bellagio just past its close rival. Bellagio’s menu often has more surprises for the weekend nights with somewhat exotic meats and fish such as Kobe beef, Chilean Sea Bass (Alaskan Sablefish), etc. Bellagio’s buffet menu changes more than others in Vegas.

Bally’s Sterling Brunch gains the nod over Wynn and Bellagio although at a much higher price point.  They have good quality champage (not the Wynn's level of Freixenet) plus warm lobster, sushi to order, beef tenderloin, etc.  The outstanding brunch at Zeffirino’s at Venetian was not very far behind with good quality cold lobster tails or split whole. Unfortuantely, they have stopped their brunch for at least a couple of months if not permanently. Mandalay Bay has cold king crab on Sundays.

The Gold Coast (near Strip) buffet quality is only okay but it is much cheaper than other Vegas buffets and recommended for the budget minded just slightly ahead of the Orleans which is also near Strip. Their prime rib is offered nightly with their Friday night splurge of warm snow crab legs, $17.95.


Hilton will sometimes challenge for Locals for best at a low price point such as a Monday and Wednesday $7.99 dinner special. Hilton’s deals are usually not offered to out-of-towners though. If not price sensitive, you should lower the rating on Hilton by a half grade.

Caesars (Harrah's multiple locations) has a 24 hour pass good at any of the 7 buffets as many times as desired regardless where the pass was bought.  The 7 buffets are the Lago (Caesars), Paradise Garden (Flamingo), Flavors (Harrah's), Emperor's (Imperial Palace), Le Village (Paris), Spice Market (Planet Hollywood) and Carnival World (Rio).The $39.99 price ($5 more if no player's card) is not discounted for kids although 3 and under are free. Mandalay Bay's all day pass is rated as second best.

Note that 3rd ranked M Resort and South Point are on the Strip but way south of everything else so they are more a Local’s casino except for drivers coming north from LA. Riviera has an asterisk because their dinner may not be offered at all during some days of the week so check first.

Buffet days and hours are changing more than in the past. If you want to confirm information, phone numbers are provided. The U.S. country code is 00 1, and the area code for all Las Vegas is 702. Below is our ranking of best of the Strip or near-Strip buffets. We also show buffets arranged by price of a Regular Dinner.


Wynn The Buffet Strip 770-3340


Bellagio Bellagio Strip 693-8111


M Resort Studio B Strip (South) 797-1000


Mirage Cravings Strip 791-7355


Planet Hollywood Spice Market Strip 785-9005


Hilton The Buffet Near Strip 732-5111


Rio Carnival World Near Strip 252-7777


Aria The Buffet Strip 590-7111


Paris Le Village Strip 946-7000


Gold Coast Ports O' Call Near Strip 367-7111


Mandalay Bay Bayside Strip 632-7402


Monte Carlo The Buffet Strip 730-7777


TI The Buffet Strip 894-7111


Rio Village Seafood Near Strip 252-7777


South Point Garden Strip (South) 796-7111


Flamingo Paradise Garden Strip 733-3333


Harrah's Flavors Strip 369-5000


Orleans French Market Near Strip 365-7111


Caesars Lago Strip 731-7928


MGM Buffet Strip 891-3110


Riviera* World Fare Strip 734-5110


Luxor More Strip 262-4000


Imperial Palace Emperor's Strip 731-3311


Palms Bistro Buffet Near Strip 942-7777


Stratosphere The Buffet Strip 380-7777


Excalibur Round Table Strip 597-7777


Circus Circus Circus Circus Strip 734-0410


Here are the buffets arranged by the price of the regular dinner from low to high.

Casino Name Grade Reg. Dinner
Gold Coast Ports O' Call B $12.95
Circus Circus Circus Circus C- $13.49
Orleans French Market B- $13.99
South Point Garden B- $14.95
Imperial Palace Emperor's C $18.99
Palms Bistro Buffet C $18.99
Riviera* World Fare C *$18.99
Monte Carlo The Buffet B $19.95
Excalibur Round Table C- $19.99
Hilton The Buffet B+ $19.99
Luxor More C $19.99
Stratosphere The Buffet C- $19.99
Flamingo Paradise Garden B- $21.99
Harrah's Flavors B- $21.99
TI The Buffet B $22.00
M Resort Studio B A $22.95
Rio Carnival World B+ $23.99
Caesars Lago B- $24.95
Mirage Cravings A $24.95
Paris Le Village B $24.99
MGM Buffet C+ $25.90
Mandalay Bay Bayside B $26.99
Aria The Buffet B+ $27.95
Bellagio Bellagio A+ $27.95
Planet Hollywood Spice Market A- $27.99
Wynn The Buffet A+ $34.95
Rio Village Seafood B $38.00

Kid Friendly Buffets in Vegas

To the best of our knowledge, is the only website that has a separate breakdown of pricing for kids in a table. In Vegas, the standard practice is not to charge for children under 3 with Caesars, Gold Coast, Harrah’s, Hilton, Imperial Palace, Riviera and Wynn exceptions as shown below. If you do not see a listing, such as for Aria, it means it charges full price for children over 3 years old.

CasinoAge RangeBreakfastLunchDinnerBrunchSpecialty
Caesars 3-12 $8.98 $9.98 $12.48 $13.98
Circus Circus 4-12 $7.49 $9.49 $10.49
Excalibur 5-11 $10.99 $11.99 $15.99
Gold Coast 3-9 $3.95 $5.95 $9.95 $14.95 $9.95
Harrah's 3-10 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99
Hilton 2-12 $7.00 $7.50 $10.00 $9.50
Imperial Palace 3-10 $10.99 $13.99
Luxor 5-11 $10.99 $11.99 $15.99 $15.99
M Resort 5-8 $10.95 $16.95 $29.95
MGM 4-12 $11.71 $12.77 $19.15 $25.90 $25.90
Mirage 5-10 $9.95 $12.95 $16.95 $18.95
Monte Carlo 5-11 $10.95 $11.95 $15.95 $15.95 $15.95
Palms 5-10 $5.99 $8.99 $16.99 $16.99 $18.99
Paris 4-10 $9.99 $10.99 $14.99 $15.99
Planet Hollywood 4-10 $7.50 $9.50 $14.00 $12.50
Rio 4-8 $10.99 $12.99 $19.99 $19.99
Riviera 3-11 $7.99 $8.99 $9.99 $9.99
Stratosphere 5-10 $11.99 $11.99 $11.99 $9.99
Wynn 3-8 $9.98 $11.48 $17.48 $15.98 $19.48

Other Best Strip or Near Strip Buffets

There are several buffets that are almost the best in Vegas and could be good alternatives if nearby or experimenting. M Resort has both hot and cold crab on its Sunday brunch with beer/wine included but not champagne. Overall quality and variety is very good. Lines are as bad if not worse than the major Strip buffets with waits of 2 ½ hours for the brunch.

The Mirage has very good quality prime rib and interesting dim sum types of items. Quality is about as good as Wynn and Bellagio but there is less selection so some eaters can strike out here. For the money, this is a good value.

Planet Hollywood’s buffet had been one of the very best in Vegas but has been slightly slipping over the last few years. Acquisition by Caesars (formerly Harrah’s) usually does not portend an improvement in buffet quality. Their mid-Eastern/Indian station sets them apart from most buffets in Vegas and their snow AND king crab (both served cold but can be warmed for you) sets them apart from all other buffets.

Hilton’s buffet is too small with not enough selection to challenge the top buffets in Vegas--although not as limited as Caesars. However, when their deals are considered, it can appeal to Locals. Even if not a Local, quality at least is okay with prime rib always on the dinner menu. On Mondays and Wednesdays, the dinner price is $7.99 if the player’s card has a Locals (Hometown Hot Spot) sticker on it.

Rio has 2 buffets: Carnival World and Village Seafood. Carnival has very good variety. Prime rib is pretty good and cold snow crab is served for dinner and on their Saturday-Sunday brunch. Lunch and Dinner are sometimes half off Mondays to Thursdays or sometimes Fridays too for Locals. Village Seafood is a separate buffet and has not maintained the very high standard of its pre-redesigned days. They have hot and cold crab but it is snow only.

Aria’s buffet has been roundly criticized but is improving strongly. A recent visit was a pleasant surprise compared to a February trial that was poor. Cold snow crab and prime rib are on the Lunch menu with special items such as good lamb added at dinner. Although Aria does not quite keep up with Bellagio on Friday and Saturday night, their lobster (limit of 1) plus steak specialty night is a very valiant try and adjusted for the money, a superior value.


Vegas Buffet Hours

Usually breakfast buffets in Vegas start at 7 or 8 am with Riviera the exception at 6 am. Vegas Lunch buffets start at 11 am and usually runs until 3 or 4 pm except for the casinos in the North Strip area (Stratosphere, Riviera, and Circus Circus which end lunch at 2 pm). Sahara no longer has a buffet.

Vegas Dinner Buffets often start at 4 pm but Caesars, Excalibur, Harrah’s, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Mirage, Paris, and Rio start an hour earlier with Hilton lagging in at a 5 pm start. Most end at 9 or 10 but try Mirage if you want to dine very late.

Dinner menus usually have an upgraded offering over lunch and some buffet goers try to time the crossover so that they pay lunch prices but stay long enough for the dinner. Some of the Strip and near Strip casinos have gaps between lunch and dinner that prevent this and are listed below. A “crossover” strategy is difficult for buffets with long lines.

Circus Circus Monte Carlo South Point
Gold Coast Orleans Statosphere
Hilton Palms Wynn
Mandalay Bay Planet Hollywood
MGM Riviera

Here are the hours for buffets in Vegas. Riviera has an asterisk because they have reduced nights for their dinner buffet on a variable basis.

Aria 7 am-11 am 11 am-4 4-10 7 am-4
Bellagio 7 am-11 am 11 am-4 4-10 7 am-4
Bally's (Sterling) 9:30 am-2:30
Caesars 7 am-11 am 11 am-3 3-10 7 am-3
Circus Circus 7 am-11 am 11 am-2 4:30-10
Excalibur 7 am-11 am 11 am-3 3-10
Flamingo 7 am-11 am 11 am-3 4-10 7 am-3
Gold Coast 7 am-10 am 11 am-3 4-9 8 am-3
Harrah's 7 am-10 am 11 am-3 3-10 10 am-3
Hilton 7 am-11 am 11 am-2:30 5-10 7 am-2:30
Imperial Palace 7 am-2 7 am-2 4-9
Luxor 7 am-11 am 11 am-3 3-10 7 am-3
M Resort 11 am-4 4-9 10 am-10
Mandalay Bay 7 am-10:45 am 11 am-2:30 4:45-9:45 7 am-2:30
MGM 7 am-11 am 11 am-2:30 4:30-10 10 am-2:30
Mirage 7 am-11 am 11 am-3 3-11 8 am-3
Monte Carlo 7 am-11:30 am 11 am-3:30 4-10 7 am-3
Orleans 8 am-10 am 11 am-3 4-9 8 am-3
Palms 8 am-10 am 11 am-3 4-9 8 am-3
Paris 7 am-11 am 11 am-3:30 3:30-10 11 am-3:30
Planet Hollywood 7:30 am-10:30 am 11 am-3 4-10 11 am-3
Rio (Carnival) 8 am-11 am 11 am-3:30 3:30-10 8 am-3:30
Rio (Village) 4-10
Riviera* 6 am-11 am 11 am-2 4-10 10 am-2:30
South Point 7 am-10 am 11 am-3 4-9 8 am-3
Stratosphere 7 am-2 7 am-2 4-10 7 am-2
TI 7 am-11 am 11 am-4 4-10 7 am-4
Venetian (Zeffirino's) 10 am-2:30
Wynn 8 am-11 am 11 am-3 4-10 8 am-3

Crab legs on Las Vegas Buffets

Here is a list of the Strip or near Strip casinos that offer crab legs and which ones offer hot or cold and king or snow crab. We prefer king over snow crab which is part of the reason Wynn and Bellagio get high marks. For example, if you are looking for king crab (a bit smaller than Wynn and Bellagio) on a weekend brunch, you would choose Mandalay Bay but not for their regular dinner where they serve hot snow crab instead.


Circus Circus is shown as blank for dinner and brunch because they do not serve crab at all (they have no specialty dinner nights either). There is a separate table for Specialty Nights.  Riviera has an asterisk because their buffet is on a variable schedule that you should confirm first by phone.


CasinoRegular DinnerSpecialty DinnerBrunch
Aria Cold Snow Cold Snow Cold Snow
Bellagio Cold King Cold King
Caesars Cold Snow Cold Snow
Circus Circus
Flamingo Cold Snow
Gold Coast Cold Snow
Harrah's Hot and Cold Snow
Hilton Cold Snow Cold Snow
Imperial Palace Cold Snow
M Resort Hot and Cold Snow Hot and Cold Snow
Mandalay Bay Hot Snow Cold King
MGM Cold King
Mirage Cold Snow Cold Snow
Monte Carlo Cold Snow Cold Snow
Orleans Hot and Cold Snow Cold Snow
Palms Hot and Cold Snow Hot and Cold Snow
Paris Cold Snow Cold Snow
Planet Hollywood Cold King and Snow
Rio Cold Snow Cold Snow
Rio Village Hot and Cold Snow
Riviera* Hot and Cold Snow
South Point Hot and Cold Snow
Stratosphere Hot and Cold Snow
TI Cold Snow
Wynn Cold King Cold King

Best Las Vegas Brunch Buffets

Vegas Brunch is served on Sundays and usually Saturdays, and can be either the dinner menu or a special menu with premium items that may almost equal or even surpass Friday and Saturday night offerings. We have this separated from the normal ratings since some buffets are only offered on Sunday. Champagne is often featured only on Brunch.

These are our favorites for Best Vegas Brunch:

Bally’s Sterling Brunch (Bally's)
Zeffirino’s (Venetian) (currently suspended)

Bally's boasts the best champagne, warm lobster, sushi to order and beef tenderloin to place it ahead of all others although at a significant premium.  Zeffirino's cold lobster (spllit or whole) is a highlight of their excellent buffet. It is, unfortunately, on at least a temporary hiatus as of June 13, 2010. Wynn is not as strong as before without the crab legs but with great bacon.


If you are looking for the cheapest bubbly at a Vegas brunch near or on the Strip, both Orleans and Riviera sneak in under $15. A few of the buffets don’t offer champagne at all although you can get beer and wine at M resort which serves its excellent brunch on Saturday and Sunday. MGM’s brunch can be upgraded to champagne for $4.14 and Wynn's champagne upgrade is $7.00 as examples of buffets that charge extra.

Circus Circus, Excalibur, Imperial Palace and Rio Village Seafood do not have a special brunch and are omitted. If not noted in the table below, assume a Saturday brunch and champagne included with an upgrade price necessary at some.


CasinoNameBrunchSaturdayChampagne Included
Gold Coast Ports O' Call $12.95 No No
South Point Garden $14.95 No
Orleans French Market $14.99 No
Riviera* World Fare $14.99
Hilton The Buffet $18.99
Palms Bistro Buffet $18.99 No
Monte Carlo The Buffet $19.95
Stratosphere The Buffet $19.99
Luxor More $20.99
Flamingo Paradise Garden $20.99
Harrah's Flavors $20.99
TI The Buffet $22.00 $3.00
Mirage Cravings $23.95
Aria The Buffet $23.95 $5.00
Rio Carnival World $23.99
Mandalay Bay Bayside $23.99 No
Planet Hollywood Spice Market $24.99 $3.00
Paris Le Village $24.99
Caesars Lago $27.95 $7.00
MGM MGM $28.68 $4.14
M Resort Studio B $29.95
Wynn The Buffet $31.95 $7.00
Bellagio Bellagio $35.95 $5.00
Venetian Zefferino's $65.00 No
Bally's Sterling Brunch $85.00 No

Specialty Nights

Negative trends include mostly rising prices, reduced hours and days and fewer premium items. Another negative trend is fewer specialty nights with Gold Coast, Orleans, South Point and others on the casualty list. Here are the remaining specialty nights for the major Strip and near Strip hotels. Palms is bucking the trend with a Wednesday specialty that includes crab.

Aria $35.95 $35.95 Limit 1 Lobster, Steak
Bellagio $35.95 $35.95 Menu Upgrades Vary
Gold Coast $17.95 Seafood Night
MGM $28.68 $28.68 Cold King Crab
Monte Carlo $23.95 Seafood Night
Orleans $18.99 Seafood Night
Palms Raw Bar ($24.99 on Wed.)
South Point $18.95 Seafood Night
TI $26.00 $26.00 Seafood Night
Wynn $38.95 $38.95 Rack of Lamb, other

All Day Buffets

The strongest of the deals is the one at the Caesars group of hotels (formerly called Harrah's Entertainment). These allow you to buy and or eat at any of the 7 without limit for 24 hours--not just for a day. If you time your visits correctly you can get more than 3 meals.  $39.99 ($5 more without a free player's card) is for any day of the week--there are no special night pricings. If you are not a big eater/grazer type, you would lower the ratings by at least a half a grade.

We recommend Le Village at Paris for breakfast, either Le Village or Spice Market at Planet Hollywood for lunch or dinner and Rio's Carnival World buffet for either lunch or dinner. Caesars' Lago has limited selection but the quality is good and might work for dinner or lunch for some buffet goers.

The buffet at Mandalay Bay is a fair deal for big eaters but is your standard 3 meal buffet as are all the following. The Stratosphere buffet is the cheapest if your player's card level is either red or green but the quality is not as high as others. Luxor's All Day Buffet has unlimited (to a point) beer and wine so an imbiber might raise its grade by about a half letter. Note that a not so great buffet is usually just fine for kids who usually like blander food than adults.


Casino Usual Special Special Day All Day Grade
Excalibur $29.99 C-
Excalibur (kids 5-11) $17.99 B
Luxor (beer & wine)
$29.99 $34.99 Sat, Sun C
Luxor (kids 5-11) $17.99 $22.99 Sat, Sun B
Mandalay Bay $38.00 $43.00 Sun B+
Stratosphere (Blue Card) $29.00 C-
Red/Green Player's Card $24.99 C+
Caesars (Harrah's) Group
Caesars*** $39.99 A-
Flamingo $39.99 A-
Harrah's $39.99 A-
Imperial Palace $39.99 A-
Paris*** $39.99 A-
Planet Hollywood*** $39.99 A-
Rio*** $39.99 A-
Buy at any 7, Eat at Starred***

Lunch and Breakfast Pricing for Vegas Buffets

Here are the prices for Lunch and Breakfast buffets arranged from lowest to highest. Ratings are similar for Dinner and Lunch for the most part. Paris is still relatively stronger at breakfast although not at former levels. Wynn still has a slight edge. For lunch, Mirage moves closer to Wynn and Bellagio.

Orleans French Market $7.99
Gold Coast Ports O' Call $8.95
South Point Garden $9.95
Palms Bistro Buffet $10.99
Circus Circus Circus Circus $12.49
Imperial Palace Emperor's $12.99
Riviera* World Fare $12.99
Hilton The Buffet $13.99
M Resort Studio B $14.95
Stratosphere The Buffet $14.99
Monte Carlo The Buffet $15.95
Luxor More $15.99
Excalibur Round Table $15.99
TI The Buffet $16.00
Flamingo Paradise Garden $16.99
Harrah's Flavors $16.99
Rio Carnival World $16.99
Mirage Cravings $17.95
Paris Le Village $17.99
MGM MGM $18.88
Planet Hollywood Spice Market $18.99
Caesars Lago $19.95
Bellagio Bellagio $19.95
Aria The Buffet $19.95
Mandalay Bay Bayside $19.99
Wynn The Buffet $22.95

Gold Coast Ports O' Call $6.95
South Point Garden $6.95
Orleans French Market $6.99
Palms Bistro Buffet $7.99
Circus Circus Circus Circus $10.49
Riviera World Fare $10.99
Imperial Palace Emperor's $12.99
Hilton The Buffet $12.99
Mirage Cravings $13.95
TI The Buffet $14.00
Monte Carlo The Buffet $14.95
Aria The Buffet $14.95
Stratosphere The Buffet $14.99
Luxor More $14.99
Excalibur Round Table $14.99
Flamingo Paradise Garden $14.99
Rio Carnival World $14.99
Planet Hollywood Spice Market $14.99
Bellagio Bellagio $15.95
Harrah's Flavors $15.99
Paris Le Village $15.99
Mandalay Bay Bayside $15.99
MGM MGM $16.20
Caesars Lago $17.95
Wynn The Buffet $19.95