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Las Vegas Restaurant Coupons, Dining & Buffet Discounts

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Best Dining Coupons in Las Vegas

Restaurant.comis our top choice for Las Vegas discount dining with often over 220 restaurants and coupons don't expire. When restaurants leave their system or go out of business, they offer exchanges with low hassle.

Tix4Dinner (part of is also recommended although the usual selection of around 41 restaurants and discounts are sometime not very large. Their coupons are good the same day up to a week with reservations made by Tix4Dinner when slots are available. A big advantage is being able to do dinner and shows.

American Casino Guide is also recommended but less so for upscale sit-down dining. Early in the year there is no value decay factor, moreso later in the year as you approach their year end coupon expiration. You also get a fairly useful book (if you gamble) as a bonus. sells $25 off coupons (sometimes $10, $50, $75 and $100 denominations) for $10 or less. Bigger ticket coupons can sell for up to $50 with $10 off coupons at or below $4. A $15 savings certificate has been introduced for $6.  Through July 12th, you can get $25 coupons for $5.  The discount code is TRAVEL Weekly Promo Offer 234 x 60

Participation varies from month to month but is usually over 225 restaurants in the greater Vegas area. Within 1 mile of 89109 (the main zip code for the Las Vegas Strip) or 89101 (main zip code for downtown) there are usually over 30 choices with many of the restaurants worthy of dining without a coupon. Within 5 miles of the Las Vegas Strip, there are usually over 110 restaurants within walking or short cab ride. If you have a car there will usually be over 220 restaurants you can choose from.

Several Manadalay Bay restaurants are usually available with Miracle Mile (attached to Planet Hollywood) and Hard Rock often represented with multiple choices. Downtown, often Plaza and El Cortez have accepting eateries.

To use this site, click on the banner above then type in 89109 for the area code (89101 for downtown). The certificates can print out in either black and white or color and recent certificates do not expire. You present them as you order and tip based on the non-discounted check. Some restaurants require a quaranteed tip amount and exclude alcohol from the minimum amount to be ordered to qualify the coupon.

Tix 4 Dinner

The same day ticket discounter for shows also has dining coupons for $2 or $3 which can lead to very good sized or small savings depending on the coupon and restaurant. You purchase for same day or up to 7 days out from a list that is often 5 buffets (one of them is the Todai sushi buffet) and 36 sit-down restaurants.

Currently their list has a number of in-house casino steakhouses which are okay but not great. Our favorite from that list is Range at Harrah's. Morton's is a very good steakhouse but their coupon is limited to 1 menu selection.

Most of the savings are in the 20-25% range with just a few higher than that. RM is a very good seafood restaurant and 33% off helps. The 50% savings at the Range and Bally's Steakhouse are just on the entree--sides, starters and drinks are full price. Wolfgang Puck has several eateries participating but none have a discunt higher than 25%. Vastly improved Top of the World at the Stratosphere is 25% off just the entree.

Reservations may be limited to early or late slots or not available at all. If you call in your reservation at 877-849-4868 option 4, you can pick up the voucher at any of Tix 4 Tonight's 10 stores in 9 locations. For just dinner, go to the VIP line which is shorter. For show and dinner stand in the regular line unless you have paid for VIP (short line) membership. If you can't make a reservation, the manager at one of the 10 kiosks where you picked up the dinner voucher has to approve any exchange, new time/day, etc. if they allow accommodation at all.

The adantages of Tix 4 Dinner are:


1. Savings

2. Some Good Restaurants

3. Show tickets (if doing dinner and show)

Disadvantages are:

1. Small selection

2. Coupon for specific day and time.

3. Reservations not always available

Ten kiosks in Nine locations:

1. Fashion Show Mall

2. Hawaiian Marketplace

3. Showcase Mall near MGM

4. Showcase Mall Coke Bottle (which is less crowded than the other Showcase Mall kiosk)

5. Circus Circus

6. Four Queens

7. Bill's Gamblin' Hall

8. Casino Royale

9. Slots of Fun (often less crowded than Circus Circus nearby)

10. Town Square

American Casino Guide

This is both a casino reference and a coupon book. Retail is $18.95 but it can be ordered online for less. Their website charges $11.75 plus $4.00 media mail shipping ($15.75 total) to continental U.S. Alaska and Hawaii customers must pay $2 more for priority shipping. also offers the same book and coupons for $11.71 and $3.99 shipping but if your total order exceeds $25 (or if you are a Prime member) the shipping is free. This range is $11.71 to $15.70 total. Click on this following link to go to the Amazon.  American Casino Guide 2012 Edition

Here is a link to their coupon listings which are heavily geared to the low end. For the budget-minded, this is a good savings plus you also get a book. For the gamblers it is a nice birdseye view of casinos in Vegas and elsewhere. You can also order more than 1 if some coupons make sense for you. Note that there are over 40 food related out of over 200 vegas related coupons with some coupons 2 for 1 at buffets, with a few 15% off Hamada and 50% off El Cortez types of coupons.