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Best Nightclubs in Las Vegas

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Best Vegas Night Clubs

XS, Marquee and Surrender are our top 3 choices. Marquee has maintained an excellent EDM (Electronic Dance Music) DJ lineup and has established itself as a top tier club in Vegas. XS remains the clear number one with the smaller Surrender also highly recommended.




NightclubRatingLocationIndustry NightUnique Aspect
XS A+ Encore Mon Best in Vegas/Pool
Marquee A Cosmopolitan Mon House Music
Surrender A Encore Beach Club Wed Pool/Small
Hyde B+ Bellagio Tue Exclusive/Fountains View
Stoney's B+ 9151 S. LV Blvd. None Country/Hip-Hop
Tao B+ Venetian Thu Decor
Tryst B+ Wynn Thu Waterfall
Drai's B+ Bill's Sun Top After Hours
1OAK B+ Mirage Tue Jet's Update
Lavo B+ Palazzo Tue Restaurant
Chateau B Paris Tue Terrace/Eiffel Tower
Artisan B 1501 W. Sahara Not Applicable After Hours/No cover/Casual
Vanity B Hard Rock Sun Ladies Room/Chandelier
The Bank B Bellagio Sun 2 Levels
Haze B Aria Thu New EDM emphasis
Krave B Miracle Mile Not Applicable Gay
Rain B Palms None Flames
Ghost Bar B Palms Wed View
Moon B Palms Tue View
LAX B- Luxor Wed Celebrities
Pure B- Caesars Tue Celebrities
Playboy Club B- Palms Sun View
Revolver B- Santa Fe Station Thu Country/Top 40
Foundation Room B- Mandalay Bay Mon View
Rok B- New York New York Wed 360 Videos
Gallery C+ Planet Hollywood Wed Overhead net dancers
Crown C Rio None Casual/Country/Latin

Vegas Nightclub Openings and Closings

1OAK (One Of A Kind) has mildly upgraded and replaced Jet at the Mirage and Hyde Bellagio has significantly enhanced Bellagio’s old Fontana Lounge area. 1OAK’s new club shine may wear off (as has Gallery and to a lesser extent Chateau) but Hyde might maintain its niche as an exclusive, high end lounge/club with a great view of the Fountains.

These venues have closed: Wynn’s Blush; MGM’s Studio 54; Crystal’s (Aria) Eve; and Tropicana’s RPM (the old Club Nikki which itself was less than a year old). They will soon be joined by The Palm’s Playboy Club in June (final date not set). Crown remains open Wednesday Latin and Sunday Country nights but their hip-hop Friday/Saturday nights appear gone.

Best Vegas Clubs by Night

Vegas clubs are at their best on Friday and Saturday with top DJs or celebrities scheduled and their most frenzied crowds. These clubs may also have another night such as an Industry night (open to local service industry or any locals) that is busy as well. Pure is only okay overall but a good club on Tuesday while a strong club such as Surrender may own Wednesdays.


Marquee Hyde Surrender Tao XS XS
XS Pure LAX Tryst Marquee Marquee
Moon Haze Surrender Vanity

Days Open

Most clubs will open between 10-11 pm (Revolver opens at 7 pm) and stay open until 3 to 4:30, sometimes 6 am depending on attendance. The Afterhours clubs Drai’s and Artisan open at 1 am and 10 pm respectively and may go to 10 am or so depending on the crowd.

Here are the days the Las Vegas nightclubs are open. On Monday, for example, there are only a handful open while there are a dozen open on Wednesdays. The totals for each day of the week are at the bottom.


Artisan* Artisan*
The Bank The Bank The Bank
Chateau Chateau
Crown** Crown**
Drai's Drai's Drai's
Foundation Rm. Foundation Rm. Foundation Rm. Foundation Rm. Foundation Rm. Foundation Rm.
Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery
Ghost Bar Ghost Bar Ghost Bar Ghost Bar Ghost Bar Ghost Bar
Haze Haze
Hyde Hyde
Krave Krave Krave Krave Krave Krave
Lavo Lavo Lavo Lavo
Marquee Marquee
Moon Moon Moon
Playboy Club Playboy Club Playboy Club Playboy Club
Pure Pure Pure Pure
Revolver Revolver Revolver
Rok Rok Rok Rok
Stoney's Stoney's Stoney's Stoney's
Surrender Surrender Surrender
Tao Tao
Tryst Tryst
Vanity Vanity Vanity
5 9 12 18 24 13

*Artisan is open 7 days, DJs only Fri-Sun

**Fri/Sat nights may be coming back but not as Hip-Hop



Industry Nights

Usually most clubs are busy on their Industry nights sometimes almost matching the Friday/Saturday rush. Members of the service industry local to Vegas or even just any local can get in free. Here are the Industry nights for Las Vegas night clubs by night. Note that Rain is only open Fri/Sat so there is no industry night per se as with Crown. Stoney’s has no industry night either and Artisan waives covers for all while Krave waives locals cover charges.



Drai's 1OAK Gallery Haze The Bank
Foundation Room Chateau Ghostbar Revolver Playboy Club
Marquee Hyde LAX Tao Vanity
XS Lavo Rok Tryst
Moon Surrender


Vegas Bachelor


Las Vegas Nightclub Comments

XS (Encore) is one of the biggest Las Vegas night clubs at 13,000 square feet inside with an outdoor pool and cabana space of 27,000 for 40,000 total square feet. It is over 3.3 times the size of Tryst and about 4,000 square feet larger than Pure's total area. 

XS is very well appointed with excellent sound. Their PR release claims that $100M when into building it. Imagine Tryst's bigger brother with a similar layout but an outdoor pool area instead of the Tryst waterfall. Tryst is the highly rated nightclub at Wynn. Unlike Encore's red interior, XS is mostly gold and brown. 

Bottle service (Stolichnaya) starts at $450 for 3 people per bottle. Grey Goose is $495. There are almost 110 tables. 

We highly recommend getting there at least 9:30 or half an hour before it opens. Admission is $30 for men and $20 for women, Friday to Monday. Note that the club can be especially packed if they close the pool during very windy or rainy weather since the crowd only has the indoor area. 

Poolside Sundays at XS is more like a cocktail party around a large pool than a true pool party. Dress code allows bikinis, board shorts, and sandals for the 10pm to 4 am party and the staff is dressed more for a pool experience as well. 

Few people are actually in the pool and most are dressed for the clubs. If you would like to experience XS without the crowds but without the Friday/Saturday high energy as well, this is the night to go. 

Marquee (Cosmopolitan)
is highly recommended for fans of House and Trance. We rate this the second best club in Vegas with excellent DJs. Even when the new club appeal wears off this should still maintain a high rating if they keep up the star DJs scheduled. Marquee's management (Tao Group) wanted to create an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Mecca and overwhelmingly succeeded. There are 3 rooms: the Main, Boom Box and Library with a total of 62,000 square feet. Entrance is through the Main room with the Boom Box the floor below and the Library above the Main room.

The Main room has the 40 foot screen under a 50 foot ceiling, the star EDM DJ and the mian dance floor. The Boom Box is more like a lounge with a small dance floor that plays Hip-Hop. The Library is a lounge with books, bar and pool table. The Boom Box and Library are not always DJed. Marquee is connected to the Day Club's pool area which provides a fresh air opportunity.

The Main room has the best DJ setup in Vegas with excellent audiovisuals as well as CO2 cannons. If you want to see a favorite DJ enthroned as a music god, Marquee's main room does it right. Unfortunately there is a downside to the vaulted ceiling for the DJ screen which is: Stairs. Lots and lots of them. If you like to navigate all the nooks and crannies of a night club with high heels be prepared for sore feet.

If you check out our club events you will see a consistently strong DJ line up. They have clearly raised the bar for Vegas and other clubs have responded resulting in a flood of DJ talent and celebrities for Vegas with XS in particular answering the thrown gauntlet. Although the overall attractiveness will vary depending on the talent on a particular night, we rate this as the number 2 club in Vegas unless you don't like EDM. 702-333-9000.

Surrender (Encore Beach Club) features a giant LED lit snake wall that is actually yellow but changes tint with the lighting. It is a small club by Vegas standards at 5,000 square feet which is half the size of Tao at the Venetian. If you have been to Blush or Lavo you have a pretty good idea of how big it is but it feels larger because it is open to the Encore Beach Club area about 10 months out of the year.

There are only 26 tables in the club itself but 72 around it for a total of 98. During 3 day weekends, pricing will be in the $1,500 area for bottle service but eventually that might drift down to Blush's range (operated by the same management).

Gallery (Planet Hollywood) is the old Prive but completely revamped with an interesting vibe from the designer of Chateau and former Pure management. The sexy performers in overhead nets and look of rooms is unique. Although we miss the stripper poles in the old Prive this is an excellent remodeling overall. The Pussycat Dolls have the adjacent 4,500 square feet former Living Room of the old Prive, 702-818-5700.

Chateau (Paris) is a complete upgrade of the old Risque site by the managers behind Pure. The star of the club is not the club itself but the terrace which overlooks the Bellagio fountains. Like the terrace at Pure, it has heat lamps to ward off chill. The female staff has great French Maid costumes and there is a separate DJ for the terrace. Inside the club has a cool look by the same designer as Gallery at Planet Hollywood but otherwise is not a particularly unique club with a smallish dance floor and cumbersome bathroom procedures. On the 3 nights we were there, there was one night where the advertised celebrity did not show up until 1:30 am which missed some of the party goers 702-776.7770

Tryst (Wynn) sits atop the Okada restaurant with a 94 foot waterfall as part of its décor which we rate as one of the best of any club in Vegas--even better than Tao. Drinks are above average in price and they don't seem to get as popular a set of DJs as some other clubs. However, it is one of the top choices for Vegas especially if you prefer a slightly more intimate vibe than XS.


Drai's (Bill's) is an excellent restaurant in the former Barbary Coast casino. It becomes the top after hours nightclub with a mix of tourists and a fair number of locals. Some House and Trance in the main room and a room for mostly Hip Hop after 3 am. You can't get the Mac and Cheese any more, however.


Haze (Aria) is a very large new club at 25,000 square feet and was supposed to compete head-on with XS. It is a good club but not in the top tier of Vegas clubs. Someone claustrophobic might notice that it does not have the terrace of a Vanity or Pure or the pool of an XS or waterfall of Tryst. It has a staircase that descends to the main floor and features unusual acts that change. The large screen is a novel effect. Admission is $40 for men and $30 for women if they are not let in free. Drinks start at $14. Bottle service is also higher than average for Vegas at 3 per $475 bottle (not 4 people per bottle) and there is at least a 2 bottle minimum. Thursday is Industry night.


The Bank (Bellagio) has emerged from what used to be Light. In order to expand the club, they dug down about 9 feet so it is now a multi-level club with a glass encased dance floor, black interior, chandeliers and a Cristal bottle entrance. Music is more top 40.


Foundation Room (Mandalay Bay) mostly Hip-Hop and House, was only open to the public on Monday until recently with probably the best view of any Vegas Nightclub. With gold membership, you also get access to other Foundation Rooms in other cities plus a very good golf program. It has excellent private dining as well as good membership dining in other cities such as at Roy's, Flemings, etc.


Lavo (Palazzo) is from the same group as Tao in the Venetian. The Italian cuisine is both southern and heavier than the previous Mediterranean cuisine and we prefer Tao's pan-Asian food next door at the Venetian if looking for dining plus clubbing. The small nightclub upstairs is around 4,500 square feet. The mostly black bath-house décor is plush but less over the top than Tao which is much larger at 10,000 square feet. Their industry night is Tuesday and they are open Tu-Su from 10 to about 5 am, open Saturday a half hour earlier. Cover is $20/$20 on Fridays with a $30/$20 charge on Saturdays. Other days are $20/$10 with guys always paying the higher and ladies the lower amount. Bottle service for 3 people (not 4), starts at $350.


LAX (Luxor) is one of the major clubs in Vegas taking the place of RA. It has low ceilings in some places due to the pyramid shape of the casino and seems to run warmer than other clubs. Its light and sound systems are among the most advanced in Vegas. The Industry Night for LAX is Wednesday and this is often the night they bring in special guest stars.


Moon (Palms) is a fairly new Nightclub that has floor tiles that change color and a retractable roof. It is attached to the downstairs Playboy Club. It has a great view from its patio sitting on top of the Palms Fantasy Tower. The posh Playboy Club is downstairs and has a small dance floor of its own but it has a more lounge type of feel. Blackjack table minimums are high roller but the Bunnies are hot if occasionally mathematically challenged.


Pure (Caesars) has 4 total rooms with a main and VIP room, an open air terrace plus the Pussycat Dolls Lounge. Each has its own music. It ranks highly for celebrity spotting (assuming Nicole Ritchie, etc. are celebrities). We recommend, if weather accommodates, the upper level terrace which looks out on the Strip or slipping into Pussycat Dolls if it is too crowded which happens most of the time.


Rain (Palms) has seen a bit of a revival with House/Trance fans. Paul Oakenfold no longer resides here but the DJ lineup is often competitive anyway. The Playboy bunnies will sometimes gather here in a VIP booth as they join the somewhat younger than average crowd here.


Revolver (Santa Fe Station) is the old Stoney's North Forty but now managed by Station Casinos. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only club currently managed by the casino owner. Their focus has changed to attract an older crowd and with a 90/10 mix of country to top 40--not hip-hop. They still have very low drink prices ($1-$2 beers) and 4 people for $140 bottle service. Admission is $10 with Thursday Industry night. It is open earlier than most clubs at 7 pm.


Rok (NY NY) is Tommy Lee's Miami-transplant with 360 degree surround video, half-bottle service, and unisex bathrooms that are female friendly. Rok is about 7,500 square feet plus a 3,000 square foot patio with a separate DJ playing hip-hop and house rather than the more rock oriented mash-ups indoors. Bottle service is affordable for Vegas nightclubs starting at $295. Their industry night is Wednesday and they are open W-Sa from 10:30 to 4 am or so with cover at $30 for guys and $20 for girls. 702-740-6765


Stoney's (9151 LV Blvd S) This bastion of country line dancing, and 2 stepping has closed its second location (North Forty) at Santa Fe Station but reopened it nearby. Stoney's offers $1 drinks and $1 admission for the fair sex on Thursday Ladies Night. The younger than average crowd enjoys line dancing lessons, mechanical bull riding and pool tables in addition to the 80/20 mix of country/hip-hop.


Tao (Venetian) is the highest grossing food and drink business in the U.S. with an interesting Asian inspired décor. It was probably one of the most expensive clubs ever opened in Vegas. Because it has become so popular, you may need bottle service (which gets you seating) for the best experience. Getting out of the main room also helps. During the summer, Tao Beach can be a worthy alternative to Rehab at the Hard Rock and they have recently added hookah as an option.


Vanity (Hard Rock Tower) is a medium large club at 15,000 square feet or twice the size of the now closed Body English.  Vanity is well executed with particular appeal to women due to the great restroom that has nail, makeup technicians and enough stalls to handle many night's crowds.  The crowd tends to be one of the youngest in Vegas with more early-mid-twenties here than typical. The centerpiece is the million dollar chandelier. Interesting touches include the hand mirror menus. Bottle service starts at $450 for 4 but on some nights they might have a 2 or even 3 bottle minimum. Men are $40 and women might pay $30 if they have to pay. The Industry night is Sunday.

Best Las Vegas Views

Although most of the best views will be the people watching (especially at XS and Hyde) there are superb city views such as Voodoo Lounge at the Rio. The patio from Moon, The Playboy Club and ghostbar at the Palms are serious contenders as are the Foundation Room and Mix both at Mandalay Bay. The slightest edge goes to the Mandalay Bay properties because you have a clear view straight up the Strip. Mix is the Alain Ducasse restaurant that recently received a Michelin Guide accolade. See our Celebrity Chef report.


Very Late Hours

If 4 am is not late enough, there are 2 possibilities to keep the party going. In order of preference, Vegas Made recommends Drai's and Artisan. Drai's has been the king of after hours for 15 years. Its location in Bill's is a bit out of place since you find the beautiful people here once the other clubs close. It can get crowded so your best bet is to be here at 1 am. Artisan has DJs Thursday to Sunday and becomes a good party place after hours for Friday and Saturday. It has an almost huanted house vibe with a much more eclectic mix of people in casual dress. If you are an old Polly Esther’s fan but with a taste for House music, you will definitely feel at home here.


Bottle Service

The busier the club the more sense bottle service makes. This enables you to claim a table with a bottle and mixers included (you may pay more for energy drinks). The waitresses bring the drinks rather than you waving futiley at a swamped bartender who probably "sees" you as the invisible man. The massive markup is less onerous when shared by a group and usually works out to not much more than $300 a person or less unless you are staying awhile and going through a lot of bottles. Not cheap, but often the way to go for clubs such as Tao.


Clubs vary substantially depending on how crowded they are. If not crowded you can make your reservation and stroll in leisurely, utterly confident in your table. If the club is busy your reservation may be bumped. For example, if your party is not very large you are automatically at the bottom of the totem pole. If you check in early such as 10 pm or so you should still get in. If you wait unitl 11 pm at a busy club your "reserved" bottle service will be gone almost 100% of the time. A bottom bottle is the club's cheapest which is often a Stoli or Sky type of vodka although Foundation Room has a bottom bottle merlot.


You must always buy at least 1 bottom bottle (or a more premium brand such as Grey Goose) and you sometimes have to buy 2 or more depending on the night. 3 or 4 people can share the bottle depending on the club. If there are 4 in your group but the club limit is 3 then you must buy 2 bottles unless you negotiate an exemption.


Sometimes you have to protect your drinks from waitresses eager to get you into another bottle faster. If crowded, you may also be forced to buy more simply to stay "reserved". Again, it just depends on how busy the club is.


Below are prices for bottle service on an average Saturday night. These could be easily doubled or more for UFC, 3 day weekends, etc. If you are visiting Vegas from overseas, the U.S. Country Code is 00 1 and the Vegas area code is 702. You would dial 00 1 702-693-8300 if trying to get the Bank at Bellagio, for example.



Vegas Night ClubMin. BottlesBottle PriceParty SizeCost/PersonPhone
Bank 2 $475 4 $237.50 693-8300
Foundation Room 1 $325 3 $325.00 813-2704
Haze 2 $475 3 $316.67 693-8300
Lavo 1 $450 3 $150.00 388-8588
LAX 1 $475 3 $158.33 894-7580
Moon 1 $425 3 $141.67 942-6832
Pure 1 $475 3 $158.33 894-7580
Rain 1 $425 3 $141.67 942-6832
Rok 1 $295 4 $73.75 740-6969
Surrender 1 $450 4 $112.50 770-7300
Tao 1 $450 3 $150.00 388-8588
Tryst 2 $450 3 $300.00 770-3375
Vanity 2 $450 3 $300.00 693-5555
XS 1 $450 3 $150.00 770-0097


No Crowds, No Dress Codes, No Money-Keep Dreaming


Unfortunately the best nightclubs require guys to dress up and girls to dress sexy while the guys spend huge sums of cash. Most lines (without any passes) will take 30 to 60 minutes if not hours if you are a guy. If you are in a group of 6 or more men, Tao will not take you at all. Women who are above average in looks or can dress suggestively have the best chance of getting through and their line passes are almost always half the price of men if they even need them at all. Women can usually get into most clubs with short dresses and heels which they have no problem figuring out on their own.


Some men may require some coaching to get in. If men avoid these mistakes they can get in: Baseball caps (even if it's a Yankees cap) T-shirts, tank tops Worn jeans especially the very loose kinds Sneakers Forgetting to tip the bouncers ($40 minimum, $100 when crowded and $150 at XS if packed) Line passes range from $10 to $80 (for a couple) with many at around $40 for men with women's passes cheaper. Nordstrom's has stopped carrying line passes. If you are staying at the hotel or at the restaurant associated with a club or see a promoter for the club, try asking for a pass.


If you are planning on doing club hopping in Las Vegas, you can either do it yourself by calling clubs. Another approach is to get a package of passes which will reduce your planning time. Drinks are more expensive than in most U.S. Cities. Expect to pay a minimum of $10 on up depending on your concoction with $20+ drinks sometimes seen. Bottle service, to secure a table, will be $400+ for just 3 or 4 people. If you thought that the Las Vegas restaurant markup of 3-4X for wine was unpleasant, be prepared to gasp for your Grey Goose when it comes with a double digit markup.


Club Events


We have a section on both the clubs and pool parties' events that you can check out by clicking here. Clubs and pool parties are notorious for very short lead times however which makes planning a trip for your favorite star very difficult though.


VIP Services Update


Most but the top and newest night clubs in Las Vegas have slowed down. This means that the VIP Services which escort you past the long lines are not as valuable as they have been. If you get in your reservations 2-3 weeks in advance and reconfirm 3-4 days before, or don't mind waiting there is no need for the VIP service providers. However, if you visit Vegas during a crowded time such as a 3 day weekend, etc. you may still want to consider VIP services if you have the budget. They can also help with planning Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Limo service, restaurant recommendations, etc.



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